Learning about Teaching Online – 2

I have been collecting resources about teaching online and am continuing to edit the documents. If you have any ideas to add please send them my way.

I have also been starting to collect resources (newspaper articles, youtube videos, etc) that could be used to teach with/about Covid19 and developed questions to go with each of those. If you have any ideas to add please send them my way.

Learning about Teaching Online – 1

I had little to no experience teaching online. My classes are very interactive so I was unsure what to do. The first step was to educate myself rapidly. To do so I (among many other things) attended two webinars presented by AMTE (linked below). These were invaluable as a resource. I then ended up combining things I learned in both to create my first online lessons.

I loved the interactiveness of google slides presented in the first webinar and am basing my asynchronous instruction on google slides introduced by Theresa Wills (links to the google slide templates below). I also learned a lot about structuring asynchronous classes in the second webinar, such as providing checklists etc.

Blank Slides (Templates)

Completed Slides (After the webinar)

I will share in the next blogposts how I have used these resources to develop my lessons.